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Agile doesn't work for ERP

According to some, Agile is a bad idea for ERP implementations and Digital Transformations.

But is it really?

In this video, I address a topic that has bothered me for a long time and that is often controversial.

Can you use "Agile" to implement an ERP and/or to execute a Digital Transformation?

Many people are of the opinion that it is not appropriate and that it's actually bad. A few dare to publicly say it but many people believe it. I have heard every possible versions there is and all of the arguments as to why you "can't" and why it's "bad".

Today, I came across a post on LinkedIn by Mr. Eric Kimberling. In his post he linked a video he made (in 2019) about why "Agile" is bad for ERP and Digital Transformation.

Here is the link to his video:

I want to be very clear. I am not trying to "take down" Mr. Kimberling or discredit him. I simply disagree with his opinion and believe we can totally deliver ERP and Digital Transformation using "Agile" and in most cases we probably should - considering the reputations and risks of these projects.

Mr. Kimberling is one of the few who actually posted something about this and for that I'd like to thank him because it is giving me a chance to present another point of view. I am happy to be challenged - giving me an opportunity to learn and broaden my horizon.

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